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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  February 24, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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nk you, brett, and thanks to you for joining us here in "the war room." have a great weekend, everybody. >> all right. we're going to tell you and show you inside the koch empire today and how they buy politicians including mitt romney. also republicans are telling obama he's got to bomb iran. >> if i have to, i'm prepared to bomb them. >> shut up, rudy. we'll tackle that later. we're going to show you the network. >> their job is to tell them the truth, wherever that truth is. >> we're going to tell you exactly how they do propaganda instead. you don't want to miss that story. it's go time.
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>> all right. welcome to the young turks everybody. i'm going to tell you a little story about the one #-gs empire and mitt romney and how they work in cahoots. romney has a poster believe in america as if others don't but in reality should look like this because it's sponsored by koch industries. i believe mitt romney is a subsidiary of koch industries. he's a little mitt sponsored by the big guys. i love that poster. now we're going to show you the whole story. i've got to tell you about the koch brothers and industry and look inside the koch empire. recent new story out shows they are making $100 billion in revenue every year at koch
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industries, and they're also making $50 billion or have made $50 billion, the two brothers, charles and david koch as their net worth throughout their whole life. that's how much their company makes every year in revenues and this is how much they have overall. this is going to become very rely in the story. they are looking to keep as much of this as possible and that's why they buy politicians. remember the guy who pretended to be one of the koch brothers and the governor immediately took their calm and talked to them for so long, yes mr. koch, what would you like me to do? why? because they're the guys financing it. david koch admits that now. he said this: >> i love that quote because
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it's basically him saying we know how to do this, man we've been doing this for years. we tell the politicians what they do, they do it and during his recall effort, they're pouring in a ton of money to help them. we know how this game works we know how to trick the american people, you buy the politicians and spend money on ads tricking people. the second part of the quote is: they've spent more and more throughout this whole campaign whether generally against president obama scott walk irin wisconsin, this is what they do in order to protect their money. how are they doing it with mitt romney? first of all do you know mitt romney has attended three different koch events in this campaign alone? he easy doing one tomorrow put together by americans for prosperity, a koch-funded group. he went to defend the american
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dream in november, 2011 and he had labor day speech in 2011 also funded by the koch brothers. this guy is supposed to be running an election. why does he keep running to koch events? they funnel a lot of money in his direction. in 2008, david koch went and endorsed mitt romney. at that point in that endorsement, it's not clear how much money he gave to mitt romney, but my guess is usually when they do an endorsement it ain't for free. he did a fund raiser for him in his south hampton home in 2010. he bill koch gave a million dollars already in this campaign to mitt romney's super pack. the two brothers said they will raise $60 million and spend it all against president obama.
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now mitt romney is the candidate against president obama, that's a $60 million gift to mitt romney. now, do you see why he goes to all their events? because they keep giving him millions of dollars through his pack through fighting president obama, whatever. whenever they ask him to come, like a little dog daddy daddy wait for me, i can't wait. he's a businessman. they're not going to put in money and not get anything back. mitt romney just announced he has a new tax plan lowering taxes even more than he suggested before. corporate taxes would go from 35 to 25. if that happens and they're making $100 billion in revenue well and let's just size they only made 10% profit which is really conservative. that is $10 billion. let's say because the taxes go from 35 to 25, they save a
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billion dollars in soap rhett taxes. that doesn't even count their own in come tax return, which mitt romney would drop the top rate from 35 to 28. there they would save more, untold millions of dollars. even if all that is big mitt romney said he is going to eliminate the estate tax. how would that affect the koch brothers? we showed you earlier net worth was $50 billion combined. currently, their state tax is 35%. if 35% went to 0%, the koch brothers would save $17.5 billion. that's why they buy politicians. that's why mitt romney goes look at that, i totally got i would of the estate tax and lowered the top bracket. have i done enough for you guys, koch brothers yet? one more thing we're going to need we're going to need you to
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distract the american people. tell us what the real energy problem is, mitt romney. >> the easiest thing that i think a president has seen in years to, which is i will open the key stone pipeline and get energy from canada. let's get energy secured. >> it's key stone, look away, look away. we've shown you this whole week we're at an eight year high for american energy production here in this country. the price is not connected to that. it's connected to the speculators. in fact, one of the largest speculators on oil koch industries. so koch industries according to a foreign article said that they would add because of their oil speculation, 20 cents to 40 cents per gallon for every gallon of gas we bought in 2008. you gave the koch brothers 20
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cents to 40 cents per gallon every time you bought gas. that's a. >>gigantic.he said please, please, whatever you're doing to the koch brothers. on top of all that crony capitalism, they have the nerve to pretend they're against crony capitalism. another website is part of their group called economic freedom. i love the way they have all these great names i'm for prosperity and economic freedom. they have a video in here telling us how crony capitalism is. >> crony capitalism means your success means less on how well you meet your customers' needs and more on how well you curry favor for the government. >> people are making billions of dollars by using the government. they're not going to stop doing
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that just because you write a statute. government either overtly or covertly uses influence and ability to tax and regulate not with the intention of helping the general public, but with the intention of padding the bottom lines of the favored firms and industries. >> we all agree businesses should succeed or fail based on the value they provide to their consumers not based on their ability to please the political system. >> has height of irony and hypocrisy. they are the masters of deception. while they're buying all the politicians, and they're funneling millions of dollars to their campaigns to make sure their you oil speculation is hidden, make sure they get the tax cuts, they put out videos
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like that, free markets crony capitalism is so bad we would love free markets. my ass you would you love crony capitalism, these why you invest in all those crooked politicians. where would mitt romney be without the koch brothers? he's got money from 10% of the boilaires in the country. he has no grassroots support. a little event for mitt romney, because he's going to complete in michigan tuesday at ford field. i was like ford field? how in the world does mitt romney who has no popularity going to fill ford field. turns out he's not going to loop action at that picture. they just got a bunch of people together inside this cavernous field. people showing up to fill the field? no the only people excited by
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mitt romney are the koch brothers thinking i can't wait to make that $10.5 billion. that's why they bought mitt romney and don't you forget it. he is a bought man. >> when we come back, all we hear about on television from the republicans is iran, iran, iran. look what's happening in syria and we're not going to do a damn thing about it. [[vo]]...we're the idea nobody wants to hear. ...until the truth reveals itself. boat-rockers. and above all...
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and there's only one place you'll find us. weeknights on current tv.
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one square inch of bliss. hershey's bliss. the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>it is an independent progressive voice and i love that. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two term governor. >>people like somebody who's got a spine. >>determined to find solutions... >>we need government to ensure that people have freedom. >>driven to find the truth... >>what's really going on? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct. >> we are back on the young turks. you know the tragedy that's been going on in syria so many killed and the siege of homes continues. let's take a little bit of a
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look at the footage here of what's happening. >> that is raw video a district of homes that's been under fire for the last 20 days, and there's also amateur footage of anti reemprotests in various towns across syria. they've been posted on friday all over the internet by activists. the number of casualties now is significant, of course. it has been february 600 people killed since march and they were chance r. chanting there our souls are blood we sacrifice for you and leave leave, leave, talking about assad. major journalists have been killed in syria recently marie
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colvin and remie ochlik were killed as they holed up in an apartment that was a media center and assad's reemwas bombing the area. colvin sent in a report shortly before she died. >> anyone who gets on the street if not hit by a shell they're sniped. there are snipers all around. the sickening thing is the complete merciless nature. can't do anything. we had to watch the babies desperate, die. what is going on and why is no one stopping this murder? >> so, very touching story and president obama spoke out about what is happening in syria
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today. >> it's fully imperative for the international community to rally and sane clear message to president assad that is time for a transition, time for that regime to move on and it is time to stop the killing of syrian citizens by their own government. >> international "friends of syria" are meeting now trying to figure out how to send that message. so far we are just talking about messages. when it comes to iran, where right now there isn't anyone currently dying and there isn't imminent danger, we have nothing but talk of bombing iran. in fact, during the last republican debate when they asked about the issue of syria look at where rick santorum takes it instead: >> senator santorum, let me start with you on this one. >> syria is a puppet state of
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iran. they are a threat not just to israel, but they have been a complete destabilizing force within lebanon which is another problem for israel and hezbollah. i think it's dealing with a threat. we have a president who isn't going to top them from getting a nuclear weapon. we need to new president or we are going to have a cataclysmiy situation. they will have a nuclear weapon to protect them for whatever they do. it has to be stopped and this president is not in position to do that. >> i'm not sure the rest of the
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media grasped how stunning that answer is. they asked about syria and he wound his way eventually to saying obviously we have to bomb iran. how about the syrian people and 7,600 people killed and babies that colvin was reporting on that have starved to death, et cetera. >> he said the only relevance with syria is what the regime does is reward to israel. speaking of israel, we hate iran let's go bomb iran. easy not alone. do you think when mitt romney was asked the same question it would go in a different direction? >> it's unacceptable for iran to have a nuclear weapon. >> what? >> it is their route to the sea. syria provides a shadow over lebanon, syria is providing the arm in ment of hezbollah. this is a critical time for us.
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if we can turn syria and lebanon away from iran we have the capacity against iran and have a very clear statement that military action is a clear action against nuclear weaponry. >> what do you think of syria no we need to take military action against iran. you use it for an excuse why he should bomb a completely different country. they're not alone. every time we turn on television are we talking about you see visions of syria on t.v. cnn has covered it a decent amount, fair is fair, right but whenever you talk to a guest what kind of military should we take in syria like maybe humanitarian, now peace keeping how about military action? that's for iran. what's going on in iran?
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>> they might develop a nuclear weapon maybe in the future and figure out how to develop that weapon so let's hurry up and bomb them even though there's a mess in this country. rudy giuliani, listen to him. >> if i have to, i'm prepared to bomb them. >> iran! all they ever want to do is bomb iran. these people are sick, man. we showed you why on our previous show. they're motivated by the neocons, the evangelicals, the oil speculators making a ton of money off the speculation if we go to war with iran, they are making money today on that speculation. the defense contractors that after iraq and afghanistan increased profits from $6 billion to $24 billion. that's why there's no money in syria! who cares about the people.
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that's what these people are saying. there's no oil in syria we're never going to syria. we're going to iran where the oil is and where we can make more money off of more disastrous war that would last longer and cost a lot more money. really as you can tell, it disgusts me. i'm not saying we should go to war in syria. i'm not saying we should use military force there. whenever you turn on television, everybody's talking about it is one place we should take action is a totally separate country iran. when we got attacked on 9/11, they came from saudi arabia and based in afghanistan obviously we should attack iraq, a totally different country. i've seen this movie before, and i hate this movie. when we come back, we'll show you how one piece of the media fox news does nothing but
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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. (vo)weeknights... >>the weakest citizen in this country is more important than the strongest corporation. my god, this is one of the stupidest things i've ever heard! that? the blood is in the water and the sharks are bipartisan. >> we are back on the young turks. well we haven't dawn media watch on fox news yet so
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without further ado. >> i love these guys pretending to be fair and balanced. that's been they're slogan all along. it is a who the and a holler. they say it all the time. watch. >> this channel is committed to providing viewers with balanced and fair presentation. >> you're a stitch! >> all right well, it's a new book called the fox effect, david brock has written that back along with ari rabin. it's amazing stuff. fox, you know, as david explains, they just, in fact, let me quote him:
7:27 pm
>> that's so true. they've now gotten to the point where they're not even pretending anymore. you know who's the largest donor to the republican presidential election in the last republican governors? fox news, $1 million. the only donor that equaled them david koch. hey, there's the koch brothers again. fascinating combination. that's not all. you know what? they have political interests that they're not necessarily going to show on air but want to influence for other reasons. maybe, how about what they put on air? first of all their news editors are constantly sending memos and sometimes going on air themselves telling you how bad
7:28 pm
barack obama is, in fact, bill salmon is the managing editor of fox news' washington, d.c. bureau. the guy in charge of the washington d.c. bureau. he said in a memo internally that. >> should be talked about about on air by their news reporters. here's the news editor saying who cares the reality call barack obama obsessed with race and markist. bill salmon admitted later on a across ship filled with conservatives, you know what, it was a premise that privately i found rather far-fetched and what i wanted to do is quote mischievous speculation. who cares that's fox forum
7:29 pm
mischievous speculation. we'll put that crap on air as news. >> are you offended by barack obama yesterday referring to his grandma as a typical white person? >> this penalty i think has exposed himself as a guy over and over again who has has deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture. i don't know what it is. >> william ayres and his wife who served time in prison for the 1960's has been linked to barack obama. >> do you think he's a socialist? >> i think he's a marxist. his economic plan, his full. >> welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the fairness era the president of the united states announcing his new plan that takes your hard-earned money and gives it to people who don't pay their bills. >> you see how fair and balanced
7:30 pm
it is? it's balanced between the people who think president obama is a marxist and those that think he's a communist. fair and balanced. let's bring in david. great to have you here. now, you quote fox news for which you get a lot of heat. what are you doing quoting them? how dare you! every once in a while you also have found internal memos. do you have any other ones whether it was after those six elections, talking about how the democratic victory might be celebrated or whatever else you've got? >> sure. there are are some other salmon memos that i think are interesting. it shows instruction by the washington d.c. bureau chief of the news staff. this really goes to the heart of the fax argument that there's
7:31 pm
some kind of distinction between their news and their opinion shows. there really isn't. these salmon memos, one talks about during the health care debate talks about the public option and recommends banning the phrase public option and substituting it with government option. this was based on frank luntz did polling and when you attach the word government to the proposal, the favorability of it goes down. they are trying to distort the news and drive down support for health care reaffirm by inserting the word government. there's another interesting salmon memo on climate change where they talk about every time that the subject comes up to proactively inject the idea that there's no scientific consensus on the issue when of course
7:32 pm
there is. you have the memos and then we go back through our archives and show that the memos actually get implemented, the reporters and news anchors follow the talking points. even at the case you cited at the beginning of the segment even when salmon knows they're putting out things that are not truthful. >> to me, the most interesting part is if you want to tell their opinion guys here's how you can twist the truth instead of calling it a public option, they say call it a government run health option or whatever it is. all right that's they are perspective. they will never add mutt it, they call it fair and balanced, but these memos went to the so-called reporters. isn't that the heart of the problem, david? >> yes. i think that is. as i said, hannity, we know when hannity and o'reilly are the
7:33 pm
idea that the network is fair and balanced and the constantly assertion of that and throughout the day in the news programming when these memos show exactly the opposite. part of the problem here is that partisan ship, but a big part of it is flying under the false flag of journalism and blurring all distinction between news and opinion. >> that's what drives me crazy. it's a free country, you can put on a propaganda outfit like fox news on television. there's no truth in advertising. i get that. what drives me crazy is them being treated as a news organization. that's what you mentioned in the fox effect, but i want to show the graphic of how they spread out their so-called news team cross the country. that's a screen grab from fox
7:34 pm
news highlighting all the tea party's you should go to. this is a news organization saying go to these partisan rallies and then on air you would hear this. >> the tea party is coming to a parking lot near you. >> organizers hoping it will be a conservative woodstock at thousands of tea party activists converge in nevada. >> people are dressed up, holding signs saying america you ignored us. >> so david it's obvious what they're doing here and they wanted to get everybody riled up obama's terrible, fight his health care plan. the tea party started hating the bailout. fox news said no, no, don't protest the banks but health care, go get them and send the buses and neeeews i anchors.
7:35 pm
what drives them? >> in 2009, they took advantage of an opportunity in the conservative movement in the republican party. there was a vacuum of power mccain lost the election, and you had kind of a discredited republican establishment. i think fox used the opportunity and moved in and moved into an area that is somewhat unusual even for them, mobilizing grassroots conservatives. partly that was political and partly that was obviously to drive their audience, but they staged in large measure these events. we have promotional free advertising that was given to the tea party protest before they happened. it becomes a kind of self fulfilling prophesy, they promote them, then it becomes news and everyone is forced to cover it as news.
7:36 pm
they did the same thing with the disruption of the health care town halls people remember in 2009 where they put out talking points. they were encouraging folks to go and actively disrupt these town halls. they were only saying disrupt the democratic town halls and censored out any questions that favored health care reform and reported only the negative. this is again throughout their news programming. >> yep david brock, their man of the media matters and author of the fox effect. thank you for joining us. i really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> when we return, you want to see fair and balanced? i'm going off the president obama. we're going to have a power panel discussing is he took soft on the banks. we cover the news and without any favor or distinction or anything. we tell you the reality. if president obama's doing it wrong, we'll tell you if the
7:37 pm
republicans are doing it wrong we'll tell you. later in the program john ratzenberger, cliff from cheers will join us here. >> why do you drink ice cold beer here on a hot only one who thinks an amendment to the constitution may be in order. that's next on "the war room." with steve i tasted peanut butter and uh snickers. yeah, that's it! steve had just eaten snickers peanut butter squared. ohhhhh! steve was delicious. [ male announcer ] if you like peanut butter and chocolate, you'll love peanut butter and snickers.
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icy, cool flavor in a delicious ♪ ♪ polar ice. from extra. is on the new news network. >>welcome to the war room. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two-term governor. >>make your voice heard.
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>>detremined to find solutions. >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct. >> back with a great power panel for you guys. with me, the author of herding donkeys. great to have both of you here. we're going to start with the first topic obama is he soft on the banks? my answer, definitely. but we haven't even gotten to the panel yet. let me give you a quote to start
7:41 pm
with. our attorney general gave a speech about how their fight back against financial fraud has been: [ laughter ] >> that's a good one. all right. tim, thoughts. >> well, i mean, i think people forget that before barack obama took off with all the small dollar donations in 2008, in 2007, he was flocked on the by harvard affiliated wall street types so in many ways, he's politically in debted to wall street. they ponied up for his campaign, established him as a serious credible threat to hillary clinton and then the campaign took off. that history is important in helping understand why obama has said you know to the wall street bankers i'm the only thing standing between you and the
7:42 pm
pitch fork. why doesn't he have a pitch fork? that's part of the answer. >> yeah, because they didn't, the bankers didn't pay for his pitch fork. everybody should remember, goldman sachs was his number one donor last time around, this time around, already raised $1 million from the financial industry. let me read you another quote: >> does he have a decent point there or no? >> well, if you watched a very good 60 minutes special about why the government has not prosecuted wall street banks you would come to a very different conclusion. senator dick durbin said a while back that the banks own this place, they own washington, and as tim mentioned that explains why there haven't been any major
7:43 pm
prosecution of the banks there haven't been -- there's been very little accountability with the bailout there has been basically a return to the culture of the preeconomic crisis on wall street, that's why the mortgage settlement that was just reached has been criticized by a number of people. on a number of different issues, the obama administration has been weak on the banks because they have so much influence in washington. >> i should be fair to attorney general eric holder saying the success has been historic. its has been, it's been a historic failure. they have had less financial fraud case against the bank banks than any administration in the last 20 years. that's a fact. they've been softer on the banks than president bush, if you can imagine that. here is eric holder saying let me assure you wherever we unsuffer criminal wrongdoing we will not hesitate to bring prosecution. he seems to have a funny
7:44 pm
definition of hesitate, doesn't he? >> right. not bringing criminal charges or at least settling a case with city bank in which the bank had to admit wrongdoing. i think there's something to this though. obama is in a difficult spot where he's trying desperately to get the economy moving again and the financial industry is, whether we like it or not an incredible driver of the economy. you can understand sort of, you know, it goes, i think against his gut judgment to be fighting for wall street bankers but there's something about just getting this economy chugging along in sort of the top priority rather than getting politically satisfying vengeance on bankers. that has to sort of be accounted for. >> i hear you. my take is is not political vengeance, it would have been better policy to clean the banks
7:45 pm
to help the economy. he didn't have the political courage to do that. he was convinced to put a political bandaid on it. >> miss economic advices their main thing was propping up wall street getting it back chugging again and not really shaking it up and changing it. that was kind of the core philosophy that was basically the standard operating procedure for the obama administration for two years really it was only when occupy wall street happened that the administration sharpened its rhetoric and started talking in broad terms about the 99%. if that hasn't happened, the movement obama would still very well be defending the banks in much more rig rouse terms. it's important to note as tim did wall street money now has abandoned obama. romney is outraising obama by 11-1 on wall street, and that has a lot of obama administration people worried. they want to get back on the
7:46 pm
side in some cases of the banks to raise money from wall street for the reelection campaign. >> if i can jump real quick in here the campaign manager was on wall street a week ago telling wall street bankers we may demonize romney, but we are not demonizing you guys. this outreach to wall street to try rebuild those bridges. it's a tricky dynamic because he needs that money in this unlimited arms race. >> absolutely. that's the same point i was going to make. he promised them ok guys, we won't hurt you. believe me, we know you won't hurt them. thank you so much for joining us guys. >> thank you. >> when we come back, john ratzenberger, cliff from cheers has a great cause that we want to tell you about. it should be an interesting convnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnvnv
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>> back on the young turks. we have a great guest john ratzenberger. you might remember him as cliff from cheers. he's the spokesperson for most mobile outreach skills training. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> tell us what it is. >> it's that, a mobile outreach, trailer trucks, motor homes that are equipped at workshops and classrooms and we go to the companies, factories manufacturers and ask them what do you need as far as employees are concerned. the big problem is now with g.i.'s returning, they go to community college and train in something that has no relevance in their neighborhood, so that's wasted money. it's out the door, might as well just throw the money out the window. we identify the jobs and
7:51 pm
interview the returning vets, put them in the training program and guarantee them work. >> that's a really good people. >> it's common sense really. >> i know you're conservative and we have our differences in that record but i like you're putting your action with where your mouth is. there's talk the government shouldn't do it, who else should do it. in your case, you're actually doing it. >> but again it's common sense. that's what i love about this system that we're in. the government, we can't get any money from the government, by the way. >> where do you get the money for this? >> whether it's a foundation, whether it's individuals whether it's the work programs in different states, it's $6,900 for each individual. our retention rate is 94%. the government's $250,000 per individual and their retention
7:52 pm
rate is 14%. once you get government into something, you know, this is common sense the more hands and people, you have people in charge who have never had a job. and you're going to tell me they're going to create jobs? >> that's where we probably disagree a little bit. i love what you're doing it's so specific and you're training the guys and it goes towards the vets, et cetera. if we just left it to the hope that there would be enough groups like yours, i don't think that's the right way to go. the reason government exists to do whatever, build bridges schools, create jobs, we've got really bad unemployment. >> the government should reinstate vocational training in schools. >> ok. >> so then we don't have to have people from china coming over and welding our bridges together. >> i don't disagree with that. >> i'm surprised that people aren't screaming in the streets. we train welders. it's not a very difficult thing to do. there are programs out there so
7:53 pm
why can't the government organize those programs? well, we can. >> and again mobile outreach skill training is doing a great job, you know, as you're explaining here in getting people to specific jobs. that's terrific. but john, i wish it were big enough to handle the whole unemployment problem in the country, but those groups might not be large enough. you say return vocational training, but community colleges. >> they have a certain set curriculum. for them to change the curriculum is like turning a super tanker around. they're not going to do it overnight. program like ours, we can do it overnight. vocational training, we stopped training kids to use tools. the average age of people who know how to make fixed buildings is 57 years old. >> i'm a perfect example, i
7:54 pm
can't even put up a picture in the house. >> because the people, you know, repairing the turbines that send your electricity here, they will retire pretty soon. there's nobody filling in their place. >> john ratzenberger, thank you so much for joining us on the young turks. >> thank you. >> when we come back, you asked me a question, i'll answer one of them on
7:55 pm
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>> we're back on the u block. i can squeeze in one question.
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i'm asked if tyt had failed, what would you have done after it? work as a lawyer again? >> hell no, no way! you're not alone. that's what every date asked me for 10 straight years. they're like so, you thinking of going back into law? when they asked me that question, i knew they weren't the right girl for me. one time i went on a date she asked three different times you sure you're not going to go back into law. that's when we were doing a weekend radio show and struggling all the time. no i probably would have been a blogger, which i already am. i got to get these ideas out. i got to tell people the republicans aren't telling the truth and sometimes the obama administration either. if not that, i would have been a teacher. by the way matt asked no, not matt, when do you think
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